Thursday, 8 December 2011

self promotion

Quirky way to self promote nice type too.

Monday, 28 November 2011

look book inspiration for self promo

Timo Wieland by RoandCo.

I've started to think more about what I want to communicate to the studios I'm trying to contact and the purpose of a look book which is to show the personality of the collection whilst showcasing the product and the voice of the designer.
My self promo look book well not just display work (if it does at all) but will be a collection of images that communicate me as a designer and as a person whilst at the same time showcase my skills through layout, typography and images,

inspiration for self promo

Self promo for Ana Monroe, the powerful pink grabs you instantly and then the interesting imagery on the reverse inspires imagination.

Look book inspiration for self promo

This look book for Bodkin by RoandCo it
is small yet visually captivating, the collateral that supports the look book within the envelope is a triangular fold out which gives an extra dimension and interaction to the package. The look book itself gives me an idea how I can apply photography or images. I'm starting to develop more focused ideas on what the content of my self promo look book will be and how it will be composed.

self promotional research

The sleek black envelope the pastel pink and the bold numerals all do it for me here. I want something similar to this something subtle but interesting, something that doesn't give the game away straight away and encourages the recipient to explore through the publication. I would say my deliverable(s) will be more visual though.

self promotional research

This has a few elements of my 'look book' concept, a photographic documentation of the designers personality and design practice. I'm still looking for that breakthrough idea for my concept but this is a very close representation in the direction I want to go in, just maybe not quite my style.

self promotional research

I was really attracted to the idea of sending out a package or something tactile that involves a certain level of interaction or the feeling of opening something of mystery similar to a gift.

in store hanging signage

The idea came out of researching 80's icons and noticed the huge chunky chains that Run-DMC immortalised. All I could think of was hanging these in store but they had no purpose until I looked into 80's chains a bit more and found the famous if a little cheesy '$' chain and a few word chains. I'm going to develop this idea a little further but the plan is the hang signage such as the men's, women's and 'pay here' signs buy chunky chains.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Photographer's visual identity

Really simple, stripped back design. essentially typographic with the aid of block colours.

Visual identity

I'm getting the pattern of stripped back black and white design in photography branding, quite sleek.

visual identity

Another sophisticated and experimental identity for a photographer, love the dark colours and white type.

visual identity

Relevant to two of my briefs really sleek simple design, sophisticated type and a cool trendy graphic element.