Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A really interesting approach to printing, designed and printed to be folded into a design, 4 colour printing.


Some samples that I received in the post yesterday from Benwells printers. Some great examples of embossing, foil blocking and die cutting.

Mobile phone packaging concept

Out of the box - book from adrian333 on Vimeo.

Amazing packaging concept, an interactive packaging idea.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Mexian screen printing

Screen printing and hand-rendered typography on a mass scale

a great video about typesetting, really eye opening.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

A really nice publication, great typefaces for each city, Lithograph printed.

Ougd201 - Design for print

An exhibition programme for the crafts council. They applied a blind - deboss and a blind emboss on the one - sided high gloss stock to compliment the dot - matrix typeface

Ougd201 - Design for print

Found these beautiful foil blocked invitations from We Made this Ltd, a really nice combination of a strong pink n a metallic red.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

A green Orange / ethics

Green Oranges aren't any different from plain orange oranges, but are grown in cooler countries where the climate is cooler such as china, but then are treated with the natural gas ethylene, which is usually given off by bananas. They are treated so they can be sold to the USA but the process costs the farmers and distributers more. So I am also going to sell and package green oranges in aid of the fairtrade farmers which goes with the ethics of my brand.

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Bella Sicilia
QualitĂ  & Ambiente s.r.l.
Designed by Denis Olenik

Hindukusch - Identity

A Germany Based Indian inspired restaurant.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Possible Product packaging

Green grocer's I mean Red Grocer's

I've decided to Name my brand 'The Red Grocer's Food Co.' inspired by the tradition that is the green grocer. So I've started to look into the identities of existing green grocer's.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Linn Gustafsson

Alas there is a box for apples! A really exciting and original idea to package apples. This is definitely a route I will investigate, boxing apple and other similar shaped foods that I plan to package.

Paradise tropicals

If i do choose to design bags to package my foods there is still the packaging that displays them that needs to be thought about. Usually fruits and vegetable are packaged in open topped boxes, very plain and bland. However this design by Edminson Martin shows that these boxes can be vibrant and exciting.

The crate itself is printed through a 'flexo folder gluer' which is a flexographic process that both prints, creases and glues the box into its final form.

Can all fruit and veg be packaged?

Most fruit and veg aren't packaged but sold loose. Supermarkets and market stalls alike tend to allow customers to choose their loose fresh foodsby hand and then be packaged into paper or polythene bags, (more traditionally in a paper bag) Possibly a new route for my packaging ideas that I should produce bag to package loose fruit and veg.

Banana packaging???

whilst on the hunt for the evasive banana packaging (if it truly exists?) i stumbled upon what one packaging website stated as packaging. Chiquita's new rebrand.

"Chiquita's latest ad campaign imbues its audience with an instant sense of wonder. Using playful illustrations on stickers juxtaposed to the iconic Chiquita stickers, the product and brand become more engaging to the consumer—plus they just look cool. We got a chance to ask the Art Director, DJ Neff, some questions about the process of making bananas (even more) fun."

Fresh food packaging

"Pure Bake Shop is a Toledo based bakery that specializes in gluten free products. The bakery uses all natural ingredients including organic beans, soy, and nut flours for their baked goods. I wanted to accentuate the 'purity' of the bakeshop. The mixture of large, but thin typography, and dot patterns along with the soft vellum packaging create a mood that encompasses the pure aspect on which the bakeshop takes pride"

Found these great packages for fresh food by Michael Gump Jr. Given me some ideas on how to package fresh foods instead of dry goods.