Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Red riding hood does ikea

Interesting and original video from Tomas nilsson, very much like an ikea catalogue.

Silhouette Animation

Also very similiar to what i want to create, but i want my video to feel darker and more chilling.

Les trois inventeurs

An interesting clip from the film les Trois Inventeurs, similar to the idea I want to do but using silhouettes instead not paper.

Silhouette film

A short film project by Lotte Reiniger in 1955

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Type as image

This best illustrates my idea of what kind of material I want to use for my quote "faces". I've heard that the wood workshop in the college sells black glossy perspex and can be cut into any shape. The only problem I can anticipate at the moment is that the perspex will be too thick and will be difficult to make thiner, which would look nice on an a1 portrait maybe a white surface to contrast with the black type. The intension of all this is to reflect the viewers face onto the letterforms which spell out FACES.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Limbo.... Speechless

This is a playdead game for the xbox 360 called Limbo, the graphics are simple but beautifully dark. This is the kind of atmosphere I want my video to possess. The movement of the main character is puppet like quite like how i want my characters to move

German calligraphy

pop up fairytale

One of my ideas is to animate a pop up story book, going through the ten stories as the pages turn and illustrations will pop up out off the book and animate.

Chosen Grimm fairytales

Monday, 17 January 2011

Fairytale's by hand

some amazing pieces by Emma Van Leest, great detail. I could possible experiment with creating something like this (hand-crafted) and turn it into motion graphics. I may have to illustrate it digitally or take the hand crafted version on move it digitally on after effects.


Unknown Artist//

Gustaf Tenggren's book sleeve. I really like the silhouette illustration, detailed in quite a simple way. Maybe I could animate silhouettes or experiment with hand cut designs.

Walter Crane's Illustrations


Hansel & Grethel

Snow White

Top ten..... Truths about Fairytales

After first deciding to do my top ten on truths about fairytales and researching into it I rediscovered Grimm's Fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. The first edition of their book was a collection of germanic fairy tales and folklore. These were the original stories that had been passed down through generations and the purpose was to preserve Germanic Tradition. The Books caused controversy as these were intended for children but were harsh and cruel and true to life, back then fairytales didn't always have a happy ending. So I've now decided to compile a Top Ten Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales.